15 February 2017

13 October 2011

A glass of wine?

Some time ago we created a label for a wine called Wallflower for Larry Cherubino's Ad Hoc range.

The black and white image was a glass light pendant that hung in our lounge room at the time. It was an old, but very beautiful light. In this photo it looks like the petals of a flower – or a skirt, or a dress.

If you tip the room sideways, or upside down, it might have been a flower growing out of a wall. All it takes is a change of perspective. Hence, the wallflower.

The illustration is based on an intaglio print Peter made at the Australian Print Workshop. Below is a poster based on the original label graphics.

Fusebox Design


Here's a beautiful image of Yulka, a beluga whale, at the Arts and Sciences Oceanographic Centre aquarium in Valencia. Beluga whales live for up to 40 years. She looks very gentle and wise.

10 October 2011


This display of 1600 little pandas was a WWF campaign staged in Paris in 2008.

You two

Monica and Vincent. A perfect pair.


Am not sure why, but I feel a need to be sitting in that chair, looking out over the garden. A perfect place to be on a summer afternoon.

04 October 2011


From here in my office I can hear the kookaburras. If you're unfamiliar, they're an iconic native Australian bird with a song that sounds a bit like a laugh. They never fail to make me smile and they always remind me of being a kid.

Photo: Courtesy State Library of NSW

03 October 2011

02 October 2011

Advert your eyes

Street advertising billboards in Hyderabad, India.

Photo: Tengguo Wu

26 September 2011

The shoe fetish continues

Peter has been drawing shoes. It feels a bit like a Prada atelier here today.

Illustration: Fusebox Design

23 September 2011


Here's a fun mural in New York City by artist Barry McGee. Love the mural, love the photo.

Photo: Mike Bove

22 September 2011

Be kind...

Tones of grey

Jimi the cat and I are keen for warmer weather. Spring is trying it's best to nudge through the clouds. But everything is still many tones of grey.

Photo: Fusebox Design

20 September 2011

Simply simple

Simplifying and paring back to the essentials. It's like a breath of fresh air.
Or like eating Nutella straight from the jar.

Design and photo: Antrepo